How the Internet Creates Celebrities in the Music and Entertainment Industry


In the days of old, artists in the music and entertainment industry had a difficult time trying to break into the spotlight. In today’s digital world, getting noticed and becoming a celebrity is much easier thanks to the power of the Internet. The world wide web does more than allow you to have a platform to build a blog or send emails to Mom in another state. It is a platform that can help you build reputation as an artist regardless of your talents. more

Introducing Classical Music to Little Kids

Let’s face it. Kids are not really attracted much to classical music but scientific studies have shown that this kind of music actually helps in brain development, especially if your child is exposed to its ‘powers’ at the earliest stages of his development.

For this reason, pregnant women are encouraged to play classical music while they are relaxing. Studies have also shown that babies can hear the outside world while they are developing in the womb. The sooner they are exposed to classical music, the better it will be for brain development. more

Top Benefits of Music in the Body


Music offers a host of benefits for your body, whether you believe that music has healing properties or not. Here are some of the top benefits that music, of any type, can do to your body.

Music played in a room with patients suffering from pain, especially those who are also having anxiety attacks because of their condition, can help them relax and feel less pain. The mechanism how this was achieved could not be proven but blood pressure levels have also lowered down in these patients. more

Trending Video: ‘She was Tired of Being Photoshopped’

A video has been making rounds on social media for all the right reasons: it wants to show ladies that they are beautiful even without all the makeups and Photoshopping of their photos so they would look lovelier.

So the story goes about singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat being tired of being Photoshopped so she would look more beautiful. The Grammy Award-winning star released the song “Try”. You might think it is just another new song but its music video carries a very poignant message to the women of today: that everyone is beautiful, no matter how she looks like. more

Justin Bieber Posts Photo of Selena Kissing his Shoulder in a Bid to Win her Back

The romance between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez has been going on and off for quite some time now that it was hard to tell whether the two would ever really go back to having their old relationship back or whether they would split for good.

The stars are, no doubt, still friends because they still follow each other on social media, sometimes even posting photos or messages aimed at one another. Last week, though, Selena unfollowed Justin on Instagram. more

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